Print and ebook bundles

Hello fellow library lovers and bibliophiles!

I had started a blog on Tumblr, but as I have explored into the different options for blogging I have “moved” here to WordPress. I am not sure if I will try to bring over some of my old posts or start here tabula rasa.

I hope to write here about once a week, but that won’t stop me from posting more if I happen to find more topics of interest to write about. I plan to mainly address current trends in libraries and the world of books in general.

For several years now there has been this “rumor” that print books will be completely replaced by ebooks. Although print sales are decreasing I doubt they will ever disappear completely. I think it is more likely that there will be more print-on-demand options with smaller initial runs at the printers.

I personally enjoy both print and ebook formats, but I tend to use them for different settings. For instance I must have my textbooks in print, while novels I switch between both formats often. It is no surprise really that power house Amazon is doing quite well in both schemes. I recently read an article by Leo Kelion for BBC News that covers a new marketing scheme that would allow Amazon customers who are purchasing print books to receive a free digital copy, or a cheaper price.

This is a great way to promote both types of books while not forcing one out of use. It allows readers to enjoy the item in multiple ways. Great I just bought a 900 page anthology, but don’t want to lug it around with me, opt for the digital version in those cases. I am intrigued to see what will come of this and how it will effect the book market.

In many cases people are still unsure about ebooks because there is no physical copy for the “owner” to have in his/her possession.

The problem with digital content, as people are just twigging, is that you don’t own it, you just license it – you’re renting it effectively (Neill Denny).

Many people feel uncertain about buying ebooks because they are unsure about the renting agreement. For instance if the company you bought the book from goes out of business do you lose access to all of the titles you purchased? Does your ereader become useless? These are important questions to think about. I think this program Amazon is creating that will bundle print and digital will allow for more people to gain access to ebooks without leaving the comfort zone that is print. We all know Amazon is at the top, and in no danger of going out of business, but it is comforting to think that with this program if something were to happen you would still have a print copy of the item you purchased.


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