“Do not go to library school. Librarianship is a dying profession.”–Oops too late!

“Do not go to library school. Librarianship is a dying profession.”–Oops too late!

This is a link to an interview on hiringlibrarians.com that I came across in a group that I am a part of on LinkedIn. The article touches base on several things that are true, such as librarianship is an ever changing career, and that technology should be a bigger focus in many schools. I think the tagline Do not go to library school grabs readers’ attentions by offending those that are passionate on the subject. It gets the reader to actually look at that article instead of another, so props there, however I disagree that librarianship is a dying profession, especially in the academic world where this interviewee is a part.

I think whether a student can get a job after obtaining the illusive MLS or MLIS degree highly depends on the location they are in as well as the types of classes and experience the student has achieved so far. Personally, I did my degree completely online so that I could work at the same time. Although I missed out on being able to do short term internships I was able to gain a year and a half worth of experience cataloging. Barely done my degree two months and I have gotten an offer for a job in an academic library– full time, with major benefits. So to those of you with a degree, keep hunting, you will find something eventually! To those of you contemplating library school don’t take the title of the interview to heart because as with any profession librarianship is always changing, you just have to be flexible to change with the profession.

Hopefully this will end up a discussion starter. 🙂


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