Funny Man Turned Author…It Works!

Funny man Colin Mochrie, known for his work on Whose Line is it Anyway? and his improv comedy talent has tried a new outlet for his talent– writing. In the preface he admits hating writing because it was work, and he hates work, but I think he did a fine job with this collection of short stories.

In Not Quite the Classics Mochrie takes the first and last lines from 12 classic novels or poems and then writes a short story building from the first sentence and ending with the last. It was an interesting premise and overall it worked for him.

Not all of the stories are laugh out loud funny, but I found myself chuckling to several of them. It is the best when you figure out where the plot is going. The light bulb moment.

I normally do not read compilations of short stories as I like one continuous flow between characters and plots for an entire book, but I made the exception for Colin Mochrie because I enjoy his comedy. Honestly, Colin should work more often and add another volume of short stories for his many fans!


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